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Our professional staff of Certified Fitness and Yoga Instructors and Personal Trainers are here to share their knowledge with you. We have over 100 group fitness classes per week and are open to every level of fitness ability from beginner to the more experienced. We keep our classes small enough to know you personally and to meet all of your fitness needs and goals.

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  • Yoga
  • B.A.R.R.E.
  • Spinning
  • Fitness
  • Rowing
We offer exceptional yoga classes that focus on enriching both your physical and mental development. Fusion Fitness and O2 Yoga offers Vinyasa, restorative and aerial yoga in warm, hot and non-heated classes. Our experienced yoga instructors share their knowledge and skills with you to help you deepen and enhance your practice and experience all of the yogic benefits whatever level you are. Improve your strength and flexibility today.

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Let our skilled teachers guide you through an effective and dynamic Barre class. Our expert methods can help shape and tone your body while you sweat away the stresses of the day. Increase your metabolism, burn calories and build endurance in our intimate-sized classes. Our Barre classes are low-impact and incredibly fun. We help to keep you engaged with our uptempo music playlists and energy. You'll be amazed at how great you feel.

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Challenge yourself and increase your cardio stamina while achieving new heights of endurance with our high-intensity Spinning® classes. We are a Certified Spinning® Facility open to all fitness levels. Fusion Fitness and O2 Yoga Spinning® classes are a combination of coaching, intense calorie-burning, strength building and cardio health, set to high-octane, energizing music all for an invigorating workout you won't be able to get enough of.

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Whether you want to sculpt, strengthen, tighten or stretch your physique, we have the perfect workout class for you. Fusion Fitness and O2 Yoga offers fun, exciting and innovative group classes that focuses on the right movements to help you achieve your fitness goals. From bootcamp style to pilates flow, our classes are designed to effectively connect your mind and body for lasting results. We are committed to empowering you through your fitness journey.

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Rowing has long been thought to be the perfect low-impact, high energy exercise for creating a lean shape while building strength and endurance. The indoor rowing classes at Fusion Fitness and O2 Yoga are designed to give you a full body workout in an efficient and highly effective manner. Recommended for all fitness levels our rowing classes will teach you the proper techniques in a fun and safe enviroment.

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